Alain Mullenex

Transpersonal psychotherapist

Type of intervention: Workshop

Title: Experience Transpersonal Therapeutic Theater (TTT)

Abstract: The TTT comes from the articulation between transpersonal psychology and the healing artistic potential of therapeutic theater.
The TTT proposes as objectives:
– To provide tools to connect with Consciousness through art and expanded states of consciousness.
– To embody tools of disidentification of the ego’s mask that prevent us to connect with our Self.
– To walk the part of ourselves that we reject (shadow) to heal wounds from the theater.
– To build new collective narratives in connection with the Self to find our vital purpose.
– To experience non-separation from personal and collective transformation.
– To manifest in our daily life the transformation achieved through therapeutic work with our wounds.
– To experience the force that emerges when we approach our vulnerability.
The workshop will be sample of those objectives focus on collective connection.

Resumed biography: Philosopher, transpersonal psychotherapist and trainer in social and transpersonal therapeutic theater. He accompanied groups and individuals in situations of extreme violence during 16 years, from presence, creativity, compassion and humor. He combines theater and the use of creativity with therapy to accompany individual and collective transformation processes. Co-founder of the Empagenia Center for psychotherapy and consciousness research, he is dedicated to psychotherapy and to his methodology of Therapeutic Transpersonal Theater.

Country: Spain

Language of the workshop: English