Alessandra Brunelli


Type of intervention: Lecture

Title: The Human Being as Light Emitter Based on the Principle of Love

Abstract: Thanks to Popp, it has been discovered that living matter emits a weak current of light, ranging from infrared to ultraviolet. Photons are electromagnetic waves emitted by all living cells. They transmit essential information to regulate cellular functions.
From where does this radiation originate? It comes from our DNA. in the nucleus of every cell. Nucleotide bases are an effective type of photo-accumulators with excellent laser material.
Furthermore, photonic information maintains contact between various structures of the body, forming a network that protects against all incoherent background signals coming from the organism internally (heavy metals, pesticides, microorganisms) and externally (electromagnetic waves). Subsequently we understand how important it is to keep the DNA structure intact, avoiding genetically altered foods, preserving our psychological health, and nourishing ourselves. This leads us to expand the light within us, the light which testifies to our spiritual nature. But how can we transform ourselves into coherent light emitters? By applying the principle of Love.

Resumed biography: Graduated in medicine and surgery at La Sapienza Universitu in Rome, in 1994. Her area of focus was maxillofacial surgery. She is working at San Camillo-Forlanini Hospital in Rome. She has also been trained in neural therapy, homeopathy, acupuncture, and oxygen-ozone therapy.

She became a Pneuma Transpersonal Training certified facilitator in 2013. This allowed her to integrate the psycho-spiritual dimension in the field of traditional medicine.

Country: Italy

Language of the intervention: English