Andrea Samar Molinari

Transpersonal Psychotherapist

Type of intervention 1: Workshop

Title: Feel the Field

Abstract: The knowledge of modern physics and the ancient spiritual traditions teach us that matter is energy in motion. If everything is energy, the world is a collection of energy fields. We human beings also emit and receive energy: our energy field is always connected to the energy of other people, all living beings, environments, and objects. This connection affects our state of consciousness, and at the same time with our mere presence, we inform the collective field with our energy, our thoughts, and our state of mind.

In this workshop, we will provide keys of awareness to perceive our own field, the field of the other, and the field of the group. Practices will be offered to learn how to channel the information contained in the field. Learning to feel and manage the perception of the field is a very important skill that can be applied in our therapeutic work, as well as in everyday life. It is a very important skill to develop in this leap of consciousness of humanity.

Type of intervention 2: Workshop, led together with Sara Gambelli

Title: Healing Practice of the Guardians of Mother Earth

Abstract: In this workshop, we will create a protected ceremonial space, a field of connection with Mother Earth. Through the power of the circle and guided by the words and vibration of the music and the chants from different shamanic traditions we will pray together and celebrate our soul’s mission on this planet.

The intention is to create a sense of community, to understand deeply that we are part of the great family of the children of the Earth, and to become aware of our own role in this leap of consciousness of humanity. During the workshop, transpersonal psycho-corporeal practices will be proposed to reach a harmonious vibratory state, to increase our awareness over our thoughts, emotions and sensations, in order to achieve a state of presence and fluidity.

Through ritual practices we will create a bridge of connection with the spiritual world: we will make offerings to the Mother, bring our prayers, and manifest our intent of healing for ourselves, our families, and all our brothers and sisters, guardians of the Earth.

Resumed biography: Psychologist, transpersonal psychotherapist, and Biotransenergetics teacher graduated at Integral Transpersonal Institute. Student and practitioner of many shamanic traditions such as Mazateca and Tolteca (Mexico), Inca (Bolivia), and with the Afro-Brasilian traditions of Umbanda and Candomblè (Brazil). At the moment he’s studying the Ayahuasquero doctrine of Santo Daime as well as the Juremeira doctrine of North-East Brazil. He has worked closely with the Kariri-Shoko and Huni Kuin indigenous communities and has deepened Leo Artese’s “Universal Shamanism” methodology. He currently works as a transpersonal psychologist, psychotherapist, and therapeutic groups leader in Italy, Chile, and Brazil.

Type of intervention 3: Lecture, led together with Sara Gambelli For lecture content, please see the page of Sara Gambelli

Title: From Brazilian Spirituality to Biotransenergetics

Country: Italy

Language of the workshops: English