Andrei Popov

Psychologist, psychotherapist.

Type of intervention: Workshop.

Title: Psychotherapy is Easy – how to Become a Psychotherapist at a Transpersonal Level.

Abstract: The work of a good therapist is like a magician’s trick: he pulls a rabbit out of a hat, I put my hand in there and I don’t find anything in it, he is surprised, puts his hand back into the hat and takes out the second rabbit. There are many schools and techniques, but the miracle happens only in the hands of the master, and in this all the masters are alike. I believe that I have discovered the secret of successful therapy, but it is not in the scientific field, but a little bit magical. In working with clients, I tested my hypothesis and now I am ready to share this discovery with you. 

Resumed biography: Master of Psychology, psychotherapist, lecturer, trainer and teacher of psychology.

Country: Estonia

Language of the interventions: Russian