Charlie Moreno-Romero

Head of studies

Type of intervention: Lecture

Title: Learning Democratically?

Abstract: Suvemäe-TKG, a democratic education alternative in a public school in Tallinn, Estonia. This workshop will make a brief presentation of democratic education and its characteristics. Later, the presenter will socialize Suvemäe-TKG’s experience as a democratic branch within a public school (Tallinna Kunstigümnaasium) in Tallinn, Estonia. The workshop will end with a collective reflection about the possibilities to implement some of the characteristic of democratic education (shared decision-making, self-directed learning, age-mixing and free play) in conventional educational settings.

Resumed biography: Charlie Moreno-Romero is a Colombian anthropologist (MA) and pedagogue (PhD), who lives in Tallinn, Estonia. Charlie has a teaching experience of over 16 years in Italy, Colombia, Spain and Estonia in public and private educational settings. Currently, he works as the head of studies at Suvemäe-TKG, Estonia’s first democratic school within a public school.

Country: Estonia/ Colombia

Language of the workshop: English