Type of intervention: Workshop, led by

Regina U. Hess, PhD, Netherlands, Co-Founding Member & Chair EDTR, Eurotas Secretary
Pier-Luigi Lattuada, PhD, Italy, Core Member EDTR, Eurotas President
Lindy McMullin, PhD, Greece, Co-Founding Member EDTR, Eurotas Newsletter Editor


Higher Transpersonal Education, Research and Publication: A Call for the Next Generations and the Young@Heart

An Initiative of the EUROTAS Department for Transpersonal Research (EDTR)

Interactive Co-Creative Workshop


Life is – metaphorically speaking – living higher education, research, and publication. But how much more exciting is it when one can contribute to the field of transpersonal psychology and interdisciplinary related fields through research, publication, and practice? Choosing a relevant topic at university for a Master‘s and PhD, allows for transmitting to the field of practice, and publication beyond academics to a general population for the greater good. Inner ecology and transpersonal education calls for diversity, independence and equilibrium in a changing system. This is a call to give voice and take responsibility to contribute in whatever way the call is received, and to plant the seeds manifested further in infinite ways and possibilities.

In the first part of the workshop, we will give stimulus input including examples of our own journeys, and experience from teaching transpersonal psychology worldwide in different academic organizations and promoting diverse approaches, from the fields of our expertise. Examples will include: Bridging psychedelic science and transpersonal psychology with a focus on trauma-informed intimacy-centered Deep Ecology/Divine Feminine/Indigenous approaches and embodiment (Hess); Biotransenergetics in Theory, Research, Practice, and Beyond (Lattuada); and overcoming barriers in mainstream universities, and working with psychodrama and holism (McMullin); on individual, collective, transgenerational and transcultural levels.

In the following second co-participatory, co-creative part, we will work with open group process methods in most evocative ways to explore needs and visions with you the participants, focussing on how to manifest these through future transpersonal research; the young@heart as a global manifestation – from egoism to earthism – restoring our roots and lineages – towards a new era of living in balance and harmony with everything.

Resumed biographies: 

Regina U. Hess, PhD, Netherlands; Co-Founding Member & Chair EDTR, Eurotas Board Secretary

Regina U. Hess, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist from Germany and holds a joint PhD in transpersonal psychology (USA/UK). She is a trauma-informed body-centered Gestalt psychotherapist and intimacy coach, creative therapist, and transpersonal psychotherapist and leadership supervisor. She is the founder/director of the GAIA ASE World Forum – Ancient Wisdom meets Modern Science in The Hague, NL, with a focus on the therapeutic use of altered states of consciousness, as well as intertwining shamanic practices and the work with creativity within a transcultural transgenerational deep ecology femtheogenetic framework. She is faculty at international universities and transpersonal institutes. Regina has co-edited books, and published several book chapters and articles. Dr Regina U. Hess is on the Board of Directors of the European Transpersonal Association and the International Transpersonal Association. She is co-founder of the international Transpersonal Research Network, and of the EUROTAS Division of Transpersonal Research. She is a member of the Swiss Medical Association for Psycholytic Therapy and is in the Integration Team of the MIND Foundation.
Email: dr.reginahess@gmail.com
Webpages: www.drreginahess.com; https://independent.academia.edu/DrReginaUHess
See more on Regina here.

Pier-Luigi Lattuada, PhD, Italy; Core Member EDTR, Eurotas President

Pier Luigi Lattuada M. D., Psy. D. Ph. D. Founder of Biotransenergetics, a new integral transpersonal psychotherapeutic approach. Pier Luigi is the CEO of the Integral Transpersonal Institute of Milan. He is also director of the Transpersonal Psychotherapy School in Milan, fully recognized by the Ministry of Education University and Research since 2002. He is Faculty and chair of the Department of Integral Transpersonal Psychology at Ubiquity University. He is President of EUROTAS, Global Transpersonal Network. Pier Luigi has published twenty books and several scientific articles. See more on Pier-Luigi here.

Lindy McMullin, PhD, Greece; Co-Founding Member EDTR, Eurotas Newsletter Editor

Lindy McMullin PhD. is a Psychology Lecturer, Supervisor and Director of Studies. She works at three universities in Athens, Greece and at a private, international school where she teaches Drama, producing two yearly plays with children aged 8-18. Lindy is also in private practice as a Holistic Consultant..She holds a BA in Criminology & Education, an MSc. in Transpersonal Psychology & Consciousness Studies and a PhD. in Educational Psychology. Her focus dissertations were on Integrating Transpersonal Experiences into Everyday Life and the use of Sacred Music and Text in Personal, Professional and Transpersonal Development. She teaches Mindfulness & Nepsychia (a practice she developed for western use), is Core Member of EDTR, professional member of EUROTAS and editor of the EUROTAS newsletter. She directed the 16th EUROTAS conference in Chania, Crete in 2014 and co-edited a book on the conference proceedings. She has published two books and journal articles to date. https://quantumgreece.com/. See more on Lindy here.