Elena Pom

Senior Software Engineer

Type of intervention: Workshop

Abstract: I will attempt to inspire you to try Vedic meditation. I found this technique truly effortless, highly effective and efficient. It is a sound/mantra based technique that is designed to deeply calm and de-excite our nervous systems. The body will start to clean-up the daily accumulated stress and heal itself of past wounds both physical and emotional. When applied regularly twice a day for 20 minutes for each repetition it will continue to change you into the best version of yourself.

Resumed biography: I’m a senior software engineer transitioning to a different career path, more in tune with my vocation. I started practicing vedic meditation almost two years ago and this triggered a process of deep transformation inside me. I constantly have this compulsive need to help people and feel great joy when I’m of service. I like to learn new things and apply them in my own unique way. I love to laugh, play and experience life.

Language of the workshop: English

Country: Romania