Harris Friedman

Transpersonal Psychologist

Type of intervention: Lecture

Title: Transpersonal Psychology Research: Leading Mainstream Psychology

Abstract: One thing that makes transpersonal psychology unique is that it can deal with far-reaching concepts through data, rather than relying only on faith, such as from traditions or other sorts of authority. Science is inherently antidogmatic, as hard evidence eventually prevails over mere opinion. Many interested in research in transpersonal psychology believe this research is only necessary to establish transpersonal psychology’s legitimacy, but the presenter maintains that transpersonal psychology research needs to not merely placate the mainstream psychology in a defensive way to justify its existence but, rather, needs to take the offense by revealing inadequacies in mainstream psychology’s approaches and showing better ways to approach what it is to be fully human. This involves seeing humans in deeper and broader ways that are not limited to the personal, but involve a transpersonal, approach. The presenter’s research with “transpersonal self-expansiveness” is used as an example of such an approach to science.

Resumed biography: Harris Friedman, PhD, is a visiting scholar at Harvard University, and a retired research professor of psychology at University of Florida, USA. He is also affiliated with several other universities, where he supervises doctoral students’ research globally. He is one of the major proponents for the use of scientific approaches in transpersonal psychology, and has published extensively in books and both in top mainstream and in humanistic-transpersonal psychology journals. He is senior editor of the International Journal of Transpersonal Studies and associate editor of both The Humanistic Psychologist and the Journal of Humanistic Psychology. He is a fellow of both the Association for Psychological Science and the American Psychological Association, and received the latter’s Humanistic Psychology Division’s Abraham Maslow Award “given to an individual for an outstanding and lasting contribution to the exploration of the farther reaches of human spirit.” He is also a clinical and organizational psychologist, and engages in many practical applications of transpersonal psychology, from working with individuals to working with large human systems, including with several nations.

Country: USA

Language of the intervention: English