Igor Dzeba

Project Manager, Breathworker, Life Path Integration program owner. Co-organizer of GIC (Global inspiration Conference).

Type of intervention: Workshop, lecture, round table.

Presentation title: Life Path Integration – a simple, yet so difficult base for us humans. 

Abstract: I would like to give a lecture based upon a program divided in 8 base fields: Basic Senses, Health, Body Cover, Living space, Affinities and strengths, Life purpose, Social reality and Love. What do those 8 basic principles have to do with the personal development of us and our kind? What techniques are most common on a base of experience? And, if you have all covered, what is there to remain uncovered or to be done?

Resumed biography: Co-organizer of GIC (Global inspiration Conference) and Senior Project Manager within energy field. Igor is a certified Breathworker, gong master, body worker, and facilitator for personal transformation. He has spent many years inquiring into Breathwork, movement, sound, and tantra, which has led him to create his own program for personal development. In his work with leadership coaching, he also draws on a substantial career in business management, with a Master’s degree in management of technology and business administration. Igor offers active and still meditations, individual coaching and workshops and also works with youth.

Country: Sweden

Language of the talk: English with translation into Estonian (and Russian) if necessary.