Irene Santiago

Psychologist and psychotherapist

Type of intervention 1: Lecture

Title: Transpersonal Collective Vision of Trauma: a new approach of understanding trauma

Abstract: The view of trauma is usually reduced to the individual, private and intimate experience of the person. In recent years, epigenetics, transgenerational trauma and even the role of the collective unconscious in trauma have been recognized, moving towards an increasingly collective.

From an Holotropic transpersonal perspective we are moving towards divinity, as the human community we are healing wounds in a collective path of consciousness.

The individual path of healing can be enhanced with the collective path, enhancing the capacity for repair, transmutation, and transcendence. The collective soul, the participatory soul of a social body can heal from collective love and from a broaden understanding of trauma.

Transpersonal-transcultural psychotherapy offers approaches, paths and tools for dealing with the traumatic experience that allow us to embrace this collective dimension. It is essential to build collective paths of healing that will allow us to transcend the individual vison of trauma.

Type of intervention 2: Round table, led together with Karina Bertolotto and Maria Rossi Sideri

Resumed biography: Irene Santiago, psychologist, transpersonal psychotherapist and teacher. For twenty years she has supported the processes of crisis and emergency, trauma and mourning for communities victims of armed conflicts, forced displacement, migrants and refugees. With women Irene accompanied the reparation of the divine feminine in this armed context: opening space to their voices, healing wounds, weaving their soul and their heart as individuals and collective. Co-founder of the “Center Empagenia”, she accompanies groups and individuals from an integral perspective which integrates the therapeutic potential of the Consciousness as key within the processes of change, crisis and deep transformation.

Country: Spain

Language of the intervention: English