Type of intervention: Panel/ Round table by ITA (International Transpersonal Association)

Title: Ways of Healing Inner and Outer Ecology through Transpersonal Education: Multicultural perspectives

Co-Presentation of the ITA Board of Directors: Zana Marovic, PhD, South-Africa, ITA President; Kiran Kumar Salagame, PhD, India, Vice-President; Regina U. Hess, Netherlands, Secretary; Jeremy Caifang Zhu, PhD, Vice-Secretary, China; Virgina Gawel, MA, Argentina; Elias Capriles, PhD, Spain/Venezuela; Maria Chris Barros, PhD Cand., Brazil

Abstract: Inner and outer ecology have always been indivisible. It is when the human mind loses the holistic perspective and there arises the illusion of a separate ego, in struggle with the “external” ecosystem that human beings begin to destroy the “external” ecosystem. Therefore, in order to heal that, we need to recover the sense of connectedness beyond ourselves, which means to recover the transpersonal perspective, which in turn involves (a) Connectedness to a larger sense of being (b) Recognition of the sacred, and (c) Sense of quest … that we all have a journey to make to reach that larger sense of being.
Transpersonal education has potential of transformative power as it brings element of awareness, connectedness and recognition of that beyond ourselves—important steps towards a sustainable and collaborative presence of humanity on Earth. But what is transpersonal education? The term could be understood in different ways, among which here we mention the following: fostering awareness of interdependence as a means to show the way to healing both the inner and outer ecosystem; fostering understanding of how fragmentariness and antagonisms may be healed; teaching transpersonal psychology as a means to heal fragmentariness and antagonisms; applying traditional methods to achieve this healing—though there are countless other senses that could also be listed.
The main focus of ITA in the past few years has been on creating interest in transpersonal education and training outside Europe and North America. This can be achieved by integrating the traditional practices available in different continents with models developed so far. In this Round Table ITA members representing different countries would briefly discuss the state of spiritual and transpersonal education in their traditions.