Jaana Saar

Transpersonal psychotherapist and hypnotherapist, and a systemic family constellations therapist

Type of intervention: Workshop

Title: Body-oriented Dramatherapy Experience

Abstract: Every event that a person perceives as difficult, unsolvable, or negative has a dramatic nature. These events are locked in the body and create knots that are activated in favorable circumstances and start to influence the person’s life. As the human brain does not make a difference between the past, present or future, then for the brain, everything is happening „here and now“. This is why past dramatical experiences can be reactivated by similar emotions, objects, smells, sensations, etc. As a result, the person reacts, behaves and acts in a strange, forceful, or extreme way (numb or over reacting).

In this workshop I will go to the transpersonal level with the client. I will use observers as replacements or antennas, making it visible, if what the client is experiencing belongs to someone else and the client has overtaken it, or it belongs to the client as a non integrated event. Participants will be able to experience how the body reads and experiences, picks up and releases different information, sensations about other people and themselves. The therapeutical effect kicks in thorough mirror neurons that „recognize“ familiar subconscious elements that become visible for the conscious mind, throughout the process. This is how a solution oriented process can start to integrate the hidden and suppressed material consciously.

Resumed biography: MSc in Logistics (Tallinn Technical University). Transpersonal Hypno- and Psychotherapy.  Core Evolution body-oriented psychotherapy. Client centered systematic structural constellations and Systematic Phenomenological Family Constellations. Theta Healing Basic DNA. Forgiveness circles Facilitator studies. Transpersonal coaching. Transpersonal constellations.

Country: Estonia.

Language of the workshop: Estonian