Jaume Mestres

Therapist – coach

Type of intervention: Workshop, led together with Magda Solé

Title: Ethnotherapy – The Roots of Transpersonal Education: The way of application of multiethnic and multicultural practical knowledge and rituals of healing

Abstract: All spiritual traditions have had and still have instruments of healing, ritual practices, and teachings that shed light on the education and development of psychology and psychotherapy; many of these practices have direct application in our world today. Ethnotherapy, as we understand it, offers a structured collection of much of this knowledge. It is a procedure designed in the form of a set of stages: Awakening, Discipline, Culmination, Return to Consensus Consciousness and Contribution to Humanity; in order to facilitate the therapeutic and / or learning process that must be traversed in order to complete the entire cycle, inspired by the model of the Shamans of Mongolia and Amerindia and various authors and scholars of the “Great Game ”and other traditions and pilgrimage routes. 

Resumed biography: Vice-director of IPTB (Institute of Transpersonal Psychology of Barcelona), transpersonal coach. Board member of EUROTAS as Treasurer. Since the year 2000, he has been carrying Transpersonal workshops in several countries such as France, Germany, Switzerland, Estonia, Latvia, Russia, Uzbekistan, Japan, China, Mexico, etc. As an expert in coaching, he has formed many groups of professionals in business and commercial management in European Union Training Programs. Holding a diploma in tourism, he is also the founder of Holos Shamanic Expeditions, travel organization specializing in travels and group retreats for personal and spiritual growth cultivated in ancient wisdom of traditional cultures in Mexico, Uzbekistan, and Siberia and other countries. He is co-author of the book Travel, Feeling and Thinking (Ed. UOC) and Transpersonal: planet, culture, and consciousness (Mandala Ed).

Country: Spain

Language of the workshop: English