Karina Bertolotto

Psychologist, professor

Type of intervention: Round table, led together with Irene Santiago and Maria Rossi Sideri

Title: Woman in the Transpersonal

Abstract: In this round table, we will share our individual and collective voices around our vision and aim to invite women’s participation and the emergence of both the divine and mundane feminine in the transpersonal movement and society at large. We believe it is important to underline women’s sub representation in the transpersonal community and we work towards building spaces for female voices in the field.

There will be experiential exercises and sharing to invite each participant, both men and women, to bring out and express their own unique sense of the feminine and how they feel inspired to contribute to our collective cause.

The aim of this space is to invite inner awareness of ourselves as men and women, evoke a connection with the divine and mundane feminine through experience and sharing and then explore how we, as individuals and as a group, would like to channel our insights into concrete action in the transpersonal movement and in society.

It is our wish for this to be the beginning of an ongoing thread within the transpersonal movement that will define itself and evolve according to the unique mission and purpose of the sum total of those called to join in this cause.

Resumed biography: Karina Bertolotto is a psychologist and psychotherapist and professor, she has been trained in Humanistic Psychology and Transpersonal Psychology, Artistic Expressive Therapy and Integrative Somatic Therapy. Since 2005 she teaches Art therapy and Expressive Movement in the University of Barcelona and she is charge of coordinating the area of Psychology in the Musictherapy Master of Barcelona University.
She has been a PhD candidate in Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh. Her dissertation research is focused in performance as a contribution to Art Therapy practices and sacred dimensions of the feminine.
She has been a student and a collaborator of Claudio Naranjo for the last years, organizing his work and teaching in SAT Program in US, Canada, Brasil, Italy, Uruguay and China.
She is the author of the book “The Goddess Oracle. Dimensions of the Sacred Feminine”.

Country: Spain

Language of the intervention: English