Karina Minda

Psychologist and Psychotherapist

Type of intervention: Workshop, led together with Raluca Rotaru

Title: My Body, my Earth

Abstract: Human beings live increasingly as if dissociated from the Self as from the Earth’s Biosphere. The dissociation leads to alienation and is reflected in the way we treat our body and our emotions, which subsequently is affecting the way we treat our extended body, the Earth. The current state of affairs demands a responsible reevaluation of our values and lifestyles, both for our own physical and mental health, as well as for the health of our planet.
We believe that the key to transformation is the experience of connectedness. In this workshop we will cultivate experiences in which you can feel part of the collective Being, of Mother Earth, and savor through your whole being interconnectedness. We have a responsibility to our Mother Earth, we are her arms and legs, we are her voice. By taking responsibility for our own body and health, we take care of Mother Earth, and set the foundation to a collective inner ecology. This is a return to a right relationship with our Body, our Being, with Earth and with our fellow human beings.
We are divine beings having an earthly/human experience. Embodiment and Earth Connection are building blocks to a sustainable life on our planet. Together we can co-create experiences of expansion and awareness, express ourselves beyond the borders of our body and meet each other in the true light of our Nature.

Resumed biography: Certified clinical psychologist (in Romania and Sweden) and transpersonal psychotherapist. She is the president of Well-being LAB (life above borders) – youth public organization working with social inclusion, equality, mental health and sustainability. Since 2019 she is the secretary of the European Transpersonal Psychology Association (ETPA). Certified in Transpersonal Analysis and Pneuma Breathwork, since 2016. She has a private practice in Sweden. Through her work she helps people rediscover who they are, see the beauty of their own beings, live healthier, sustainable and contribute to the wellbeing of our society.

Country: Romania

Language: English