Kelly Schwegel

Author, Holistic Healing Practitioner, Director of Development at the Andara Wellness Center, Director of the Social Wisdom Initiative.

Type of intervention: Lecture.

Presentation title: Simplifying the Process of Evolvement.

Abstract: Humans… we make life so complicated! The process of evolving into a more enlightened, calm, centered, wise and fulfilled person is not as complicated as we may think. With so many spiritual, metaphysical and theoretical approaches to becoming more evolved as a spiritual being increasing every day, it is easy to get distracted from the simplicity of evolvement. Kelly Schwegel, Author of The Art of Inner Alchemy, The Inner Alchemy Workbook, and What If…, sheds light on the purpose of this life, the science behind our spiritual growth and the distractions that keep us from obtaining deep and profound inner growth.

Resumed biography: Kelly Schwegel has earned an undergraduate degree in Education, a master’s degree in Educational Administration, an educational specialist degree in Educational Leadership, bringing her certifications as a teacher, principal, director of special education, director of pupil services and educational superintendent. After working in the field of education for twenty years, she felt called to train, write, speak, and heal in the areas of spirituality and the natural healing arts. This came after she became a Reiki Master in 2011 and had learned to heal herself mentally, emotionally, and physically. Her own healing journey, and the intuitive abilities she has had since childhood, led to her delivering thousands of healing sessions to others and consequently to her developing a natural healing technique, the Inner Alchemy Method. She not only continues to use this method on herself and others, but has trained countless others to integrate this method into their own healing practices. Kelly is currently the Director of Development at the Andara Wellness Center, Director of the Social Wisdom Initiative and author of her books, What If…, The Art of Inner Alchemy, Inner Alchemy for Teens and The Inner Alchemy Workbook.

Country: Kelly Schwegel is from the US and lives currently in Germany.

Language of the talk: English, translation into Estonian (and Russian) provided if necessary.