Lindy McMullin

Module Leader/Senior Lecturer/Holistic Consultant

Type of intervention: Workshop

Title: Working our Talk: Journeying into Transpersonal Education

Abstract: In this workshop, we will explore the boundaries of Transpersonal Education, using Active Imagination and Guided Visualization. We will dive into the collective, asking for guidance and recipes for this new beginning. At the end of each cycle, there is a period of transition so we will explore the potential within the world and Mother Nature. We will work in silence, taking notes of all inspirations, thoughts, and visions that come to us during this sacred connection. All notes made will be collected and subjected to analysis, so the information received can be published in an article. Sharing at the end will focus on the experience of connection and those who are interested may leave their details for a further interview, to be carried out no later than three weeks after the close of the conference.

Resumed biography: Dr. Lindy McMullin is an Author, Educator and Workshop Leader amongst other. Dedicated to social change she highlights the internal process of becoming, as an essential component of life. Lindy is a Psychology Lecturer, Supervisor and Director of Studies. She works at three universities in Athens, Greece and at a private, international school where she teaches Drama, producing two yearly plays with children aged 8-18. Lindy is also in private practice as a Holistic Consultant. She holds a BA in Criminology & Education, an MSc. in Transpersonal Psychology & Consciousness Studies and a Educational Psychology. She teaches Mindfulness, is Core Member of EDTR, professional member of EUROTAS and editor of the EUROTAS newsletter. She also directed the 2014, 16th EUROTAS conference in Chania, Crete.

Country: Greece

Language of the workshop: English