Lorelei Nassar

Dental Surgeon & Transpersonal Psychologist

Type of intervention: Lecture

Title: Neurotechnology as a Means to Move forward in Transpersonal

Abstract: Many of the Transpersonal Psychologists nowadays are using in daily practice powerful tools originating from ancient tradition. Last year’s EUROTAS’ theme was about our world in transition, theme which generated the question “And what is the direction for this transition?” In our opinion, one of the most valuable paths is related to neurotechnology. Monitoring brain waves and influencing mind’s activity toward a specific purpose, may it be a therapeutic goal or an expanded consciousness state is the aim of study and development in many Universities and Scientific Institutes in the world. We are reviewing some perspectives on it, leading to the conclusion that a centered life-style with a regular spiritual practice is in a way a means of mental hygiene, of imperative necessity in our troubled, interesting world.

Resumed biography: Born in 1968 in Communist Romania, Lorelei got her Bachelor’s degree in Dentistry in 1992 in the Gr.T.Popa University of Iasi. The year 1997 finds her in a hospital near the Sea of Galilee in Israel, working as an oral surgeon, while in 2002 she studies Medical Hypnosis at the Tel Aviv University, which tinkles her curiosity for psychology. Graduating with a Psychology degree back in Bucharest, Romania in 2008, Lorelei followed an MD in Implantology in 2009, other seminars in Cognitive Psychology and a Formation in Transpersonal Psychology which begun in 2017. She is a lecturer in oral surgical techniques, has a daily practice of meditation and yoga, is a sports addict and runs a Local Chapter of TMI in Bucharest. Lorelei Has done most of the TMI residential programs and is a curious, focused and perseverant explorer of consciousness.

Country: Romania

Language of the intervention: English