Lyudmila Scortescu

Transpersonal psychologist and psychotherapist, integrative psychotechnologies, “holotropic” breathwork practitioner, process-oriented therapy, psychoacoustic technologies for the correction of brain activity, president of the Association of Transpersonal Development in Moldavia, board member of Eurotas

Type of intervention: Workshop, led together with Kati Wortelkamp

Title: Pre-Conference-Workshop Holotropic Breathwork™, 20th to 21st September 2021.

Abstract: Kati Wortelkamp and Lyudmila Scortescu invite you to an exciting event of self-exploration and a deep inner journey that may change your life: Holotropic Breathwork™. This method was developed by Stan and Christina Grof in the late 1960s and refers to a process in which deep, fast breathing in a supportive context is used as a catalyst for the experience of a non-ordinary state of consciousness. The experience is supported by carefully selected music. We will introduce you in the method and answer all your questions about it on the first day of the workshop. On the second day, participants work in pairs, with one as the “breather” and the other as the “sitter”. The breather lies down on a mattress while the sitter ensures that the breather is physically safe and supported during the session. In the second session later that day the roles will be swapped. After dinner we will come together again to share our experiences in the “Sharing”. We will create a safe setting for you, support your process and work with you if your experience is difficult.

The primary principle of Holotropic Breathwork™ is that healing comes from within the participant. So this workshop is a good start to immerse yourself in the first theme of the EUROTAS-Conference 2021: “Inner Ecology”.

Please note that there are some contraindications like hypertension and others that we will query before you can participate. The workshop will begin on Monday, 20th, at 6 pm with the introduction and round of questions. On Tuesday, 21st, we will start at 9 am and work until 1 pm, and after a break from 3 pm to 7 pm. After dinner we meet again for the sharing. The workshop will be led together by Kati Wortelkamp and Lydmila Scortescu.

Resumed biography: Study of Depth psychology / Faculty of psychoanalysis in Moscow, Training in  Process oriented therapy, Jung-Senoy dream study, Diploma teacher of Russian literature / Slavic University in USSR, Political and Administrative Studies / National School of Bucharest.

Country: Moldova

Language of the workshop: English and Russian

Price: 50 euros