Magda Sole

Psychologist – psychotherapist

Type of intervention 1: Workshop, led together with Jaume Mestres

Title: Ethnotherapy – The Roots of Transpersonal Education: the way of application of multiethnic and multicultural practical knowledge and rituals of healing 

Abstract: All spiritual traditions have had and still have instruments of healing, ritual practices, and teachings that shed light on the education and development of psychology and psychotherapy; many of these practices have direct application in our world today. Ethnotherapy, as we understand it, offers a structured collection of much of this knowledge. It is a procedure designed in the form of a set of stages: Awakening, Discipline, Culmination, Return to Consensus Consciousness and Contribution to Humanity; in order to facilitate the therapeutic and / or learning process that must be traversed in order to complete the entire cycle, inspired by the model of the Shamans of Mongolia and Amerindia and various authors and scholars of the “Great Game ”and other traditions and pilgrimage routes.

Type of intervention 2: Round Table 

Title: Ethnotherapy and Education

Abstract: The practice of indigenous knowledge.
• Importance of the pedagogy to convey the legacy of the extinct Native American, Mongolian and the world indigenous family.
• How to teach our children and how to train our students in the practice of indigenous knowledge without undermining their origins and authorship.
• Key concepts of Ethnotherapy.
• Holistic conception of health and disease.
• Importance of the ecological commitment between Therapist and “Actient”.
• Fundamental role of Empagenia in the therapeutic relationship.
• Shamanic Activation, a tool for waking up.
• Traditional medicines versus Official Medicine, Official Pedagogical System.
• EUREKA: Department of Indigenous Knowledges an Anthropology.

Resumed biography:

-Founder of the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology of Barcelona and Mexico
-Pioneer of Transpersonal Psychology in Spain since 1990
-Degree in Clinical Psychology and Philosophy
-Post-Degree in Psychosomatics, Barcelona University
-Training in Holotropic Breathwork and Transpersonal Psychotherapy, Paris
-Master in Transpersonal Management, Psychoanalysis and Psycho-diagnosis, Psychosynthesis in Mexico and USA
-Professor of Barcelona University and Catalonia Open University 
-Co-founder of Holos Shamanic Journeys, Research with Mexican indigenous communities. Ethno-therapeutic groups of Shamanic transformation in Mexico, Uzbekistan, and Siberia since 1990. Teaching and workshops in Moscow, Copenhagen, Tallinn, Milano, Bern, Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam, Taipei, Tokyo, Mexico, San Francisco, Miami, and others. Lectures, workshops, and mass media in more than 25 countries over the world.
-Collaborates with International Institute for Consciousness Exploration, Freiburg, Germany; Humanistic Institute, Wuhan, China; Macuil Institute, Mexico; BV Institute, Santiago de Chile, Centro do Estudos do Instituto de Psiquiatria, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil.
-Board Council of EUROTAS since 2008 and Committee for Certification and Accreditation of Transpersonal Psychotherapy from 2010.
-Founder of Eurotas Department of Ethnologic Knowledge and Anthropology (EUREKA). Articles: “Planet, Culture, Consciousness”; “Brain 2.0”; and “Hallucinogens: Psilocybin” in Neurosciences.

Country: Spain

Language of the workshop: English