Maria Islas

Transpersonal and Somatic Movement Educator

Type of intervention: Lecture

Title: From Cosmo-Vision to Cosmo-Living

Abstract: Almost five hundred years have passed since the falling of the great Mexhico Tenochtitlan. By the time the great Mexhico was delivered to the colonizers, the elders and wisdom people got together and agreed on what to do in order to preserve their most precious treasure: their way of living.
Anahuak wisdom is characterized by what we could translate today as a cosmo-living. More than a cosmo-vision, life in the Anahuak (place surrounded by water / place weaved together) was characterized by the direct hand-care of life manifestations.
The very term “wisdom or knowledge” could be expressed with the Mexica word: “matiliztli” which implies: “the truth that I can touch with my hand”.
A “down to earth” or “rooted life” which may appear as basic and primitive for the occidental mind, was the most sacred commitment for each human being since the principles that ruled a human life where the same ones that ruled the movement of the universe.
In this brief presentation, I will share some basic notions regarding Mexhica traditions specially, those in relationship to their model of education and recognition of the stages of life in the human being and their resemblance to the ecology. We will discover how, the native mind is, indeed, an eco-psycho-spiritual way of living that might bring inspiration to our contemporary societies.

Country: Mexico

Language of the intervention: English