Maria Rossi Sideri


Type of intervention 1: Round table led together with Regina Hess and Galen Fous

Title: Inviting Human Sexuality and Multidimensional Intimacy into a Transpersonal Framework

Abstract: We are excited to initiate this effort to draw the vast somatic, soulful, primal, spiritual and ecological dimensions of human sexuality and multidimensional intimacy from a transgenerational transcultural and trauma-oriented deep-ecology perspective into a Transpersonal Educational and Therapeutic Framework.

This panel will make the case that sexuality and intimacy is an integral aspect of the human experience that has yet to find a formal home within the field of Transpersonal Psychology.

We intend to change that. We will start by offering emerging views, trends, practices and issues drawn from our own Transpersonal approaches to working with clients dealing with the complexities and challenges of their sexuality. Our focus is on the integration of a multidimensional approach of intimacy in its widest sense – a being in and with the world as lovers in harmony and integrity.
Our hope is to set this vision in motion at this conference and invite others into discussion of how to include and expand Transpersonal Sexuality and Multidimensional Intimacy as an integral track of future Transpersonal theory, education and practices. To take the initiative and discussion into action we offer in addition a processual workshop for creating an Interdisciplinary Transpersonal Sexuality – Multidimensional Embodied Intimacy Network of interested and like-minded colleagues.

Type of intervention 2: Workshop led together with Regina U. Hess and Galen Fous.  For workshop content go to the page of Regina U. Hess.

Title: Creating an Interdisciplinary Transpersonal Sexuality Multidimensional Intimacy Network. Co-Creative Open Field Process

Type of intervention 3: Round table, led together with Karina Bertolotto and Irene Santiago. For round table content go to the page of Karina Bertoletto.

Title: Woman in the Transpersonal

Resumed biography: Maria R. Sideri, M.Sc., M.A.
Maria Rossi Sideri is a psychologist and certified transpersonal psychotherapist. She has been trained in transcultural mental health, dance movement therapy, psychosomatic therapy, bioenergetics, family and systemic constellations, holistic and feminine sexuality. Co-founder and president of the Association of Transpersonal Somatic Psychology “PsiqueSoma”, creator and leader of a four year training course in “Transpersonal Psychotherapy through Dance, Movement and Creativity” offered by the association. Since 2009 she works as a psychotherapist in private practice and leads holistic wellness workshops and retreats, based on body-mind-spirit integration and creativity.

Country: Spain/ Greece

Language of the intervention: English