Meeli Laane

Transpersonal Grief Counsellor

Type of intervention 1: Lecture

Title: Title: I Own My Feelings: Taking responsibility for own emotions – greatest transformation in the society.

Abstract: I invite you to visualise a little child, who is screaming in a shop or a teenager whose grades have dropped and the child’s parents are utterly upset – irritated, angry, disappointed. Now listen to what they are saying… “You make me angry!” “Because of you I feel irritated!” “If you’d do better, I would be happy”. The child grows up and continues blaming others for his/her behavior and emotional reactions, expecting the others to change their behavior, way of thinking in order s/he can feel good. And behaving in a way s/he thinks others like. This continues from generation to generation.

I work with emotions, during the deepest times of sorrow and many other feelings in grief. Grief for me is a transformational process, can be a transformational process, where the key lies in emotions. I invite you to step on the journey of emotions, the simplicity of life, seeing yourself from a different perspective and perhaps shaking your own belief system that impacts the way you see your emotions.

Type of intervention 2: Workshop

Title: Grief as a Door Opener to Life

Abstract: We often grieve without even noticing it, we are led by grief, by heaviness or maybe confusion, by denying ease and pure joy from the heart.

What is this grief I am talking about and how come the majority of people are impacted by grief?

Grief is so much wider than the loss of the loved one to death, grief is about the loss of any kind. Loss of safety, loss of home, loss of love, loss of known, even if it has been psychologically unhealthy. And these are only a few of all the losses we experience in life. Also not having what you desire from your heart, that you never have had, is a loss.

At the workshop “Grief as a Door Opener to Life” we map through your body and subconscious mind where are you at with your grief. We move into and out of inner depth with ease, allowing ourselves to be, to express, to observe, to feel. It is a journey, a journey to life, through grief.

At the end of your journey, you realize how grief has impacted your life, the way you see the world, how you have experienced it, the responsibility for your decisions and actions, responsibility for what you have created in your life. And a new cycle begins.

At the workshop we journey through our body, conscious and subconscious mind.

Resumed biography: Transpersonal Grief Counsellor, Transpersonal Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist. Educator on grief and a therapist in private practice. Co-founder and a lecturer at the Armenian Association of Transpersonal Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy. Trainer of therapists on grief.

Language of the interventions: English or Estonian

Country: Estonia