Orlin Baev


Type of intervention: Lecture

Title: Genuine Psychotherapy and the Emotional Pandemic

Abstract: Genuine psychotherapy (GenPsy) is an innovative integral and holistic approach, not only encompassing in its entirety the analytical, cognitive-behavioral, humanistic, meditative-hypnotic, psychosomatic and transpersonal paradigms, but surpassing them in the gestalt of its qualitative difference, to transformative and pragmatically effective novelty.

The aim of this short presentation is not the detailed description of the Genuine Psychotherapy itself (made in my book “Fundamentals of Natural Psychotherapy”), but its transformative impact on the emotional pandemic that engulfed our small globe. In this regard, I will only mark some central focal points in the method, without dwelling on its complete description. Focal points that will serve as auxiliary levers in the GenPsy expression of the process of cognitive-affective transformation of anxiety horror into a loving meaning.

Resumed biography: Founder of Genuine Psychotherapy method, president of Bulgarian Association of Genuine Psychotherapy. Master’s degree in counseling psychology and cognitive science. Rich experience in integral psychotherapy and holistic understanding. Long lasting interests in comparative religion and grounded spirituality, particularly in the White Brotherhood/ Beinsa Douno teachings.

Country: Bulgaria

Language of the intervention: English