Pier Luigi Lattuada

Medical Doctor, Psychotherapist

Type of intervention 1: Lecture

Title: Transe-cognition: Integral Thinking, Further Mode, Second Attention


Teach me to forget to think
W. Shakespeare

World is as you dream, a shaman says.
The way I observe the world and organize my observation i.e. think, determine my experience of the world.
Transe-Cognition changes and improves your view of yourself, others and the world.
From Transe-Cognition we should not expect reasoning, explanations, logical understanding, but rather a flash of lightning that pierces the darkness, an awakening from a dream, a sudden intuition, an unexpected discovery, often preceded by a sense of emptiness and abandonment, a willingness to remain in front of the phenomenon with full acceptance and trust, without expectations or strategies, with attention.
If Transe-Cognition were a number it would be Zero, if it were a place it would be the Center, being in the center empty and awake.
Integral Thinking arises from the synergistic use of some basic psychic functions, namely: observation, proprioception, exteroception, and consciousness.
The mastery of observation leads to the realization of the conscious observation of our identifications, the mastery of proprioception, that is, of what we feel inside is achieved through inner listening, the mastery of exteroception, that is, of the experience of the world is achieved through listening to the field, to the environment around us, the mastery of consciousness is achieved through the disappearance of our identifications.

Type of intervention 2: Workshop

Title: Transe-learning: An education to the presence, here, now, and all around. From Shamanism, to self- mastery, from identification to Self -Realization, from education to Transe learning

Abstract: Human experience always includes a subject an object and the field, the environment.
Transe from a psychological perspective, can be seen as the condition where we are able to flow within me-you and the field in order to get an integral experience of life by integrating the five levels of experience: physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual.
In this workshop we’ll learn:
The Essential Transe (Passage from the Zero, Persistency of the Contact and the Mastery of the Transe).
A Further Mode of Knowing through the Eight Pillars of Transformation:
-Observing, instead of … thinking
-Remaining, instead of … going away.
-Feeling, instead of … understanding why.
-Accept, instead of … fight
-Relying instead of controlling
-Facts, not problems
-Responsibility, instead of … delegation

Resumed biography: Pier Luigi Lattuada M. D., Psy. D. Ph. D. Founder of Biotransenergetics, a new integral transpersonal psychotherapeutic approach. Pier Luigi is the CEO of the Integral Transpersonal Institute of Milan. He is also director of the Transpersonal Psychotherapy School in Milan, fully recognized by the Ministry of Education University and Research since 2002. He is Faculty and chair of the Department of Integral Transpersonal Psychology at Ubiquity University. He is President of EUROTAS, Global Transpersonal Network. Pier Luigi has published twenty books and several scientific articles.

Country: Italy

Language of the interventions: English