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Andrei Popov

Psychologist, psychotherapist. Type of intervention (1): Workshop. Presentation title: Psychotherapy is easy – how to become a psychotherapist at a transpersonal level. Type of intervention (2): Lecture. Presentation title: Stages of evolution of consciousness and spiritual development, in a personal and historical perspective. Resumed biography: Master of Psychology, psychotherapist, lecturer, trainer and teacher […]

Bernadette Blin

Clinical and social psychologist, transpersonal psychotherapist, gestalt-therapist, teacher and supervisor.

Dennis Johnson

Has studies consciousness and transpersonal psychology.

Igor Dzeba

Project Manager, Breathworker, Life Path Integration program owner. Co-organizer of GIC (Global inspiration Conference). Type of intervention: Workshop, lecture, round table. Presentation title: Life Path Integration – a simple, yet so difficult base for us humans.  Abstract: I would like to give a lecture based upon a program divided in […]

Ingo Benjamin Jahrsetz

Integrative psychotherapy, systemic family therapy, systemic constellations, psychodrama, holotropic breathwork™ practitioner. Specific type of intervention: Lecture. Presentation title: Spiritual Guidance: God’s or Man’s Work?  Abstract: Integrating modern psychological work and the old spiritual wisdom was the basic idea of the founding fathers of transpersonal psychology.  Since then, 50 years have […]

Ingrida Indane

Studied fine arts, arts therapy, pedagogy and psychology. Founder and director of Latvian Transpersonal Education Institute.

Jaana Saar

Transpersonal psychotherapist and hypnotherapist, and a systemic family constellations therapist. Type of intervention: Workshop. Presentation Title: Body-oriented dramatherapy experience. Abstract: Every event that a person percieves as difficult, unsolvable, or negative has a dramatic nature. These events are locked in the body and create knots that are activated in favorable circumstances […]

Jaume Mestres

Vice-director of IPTB (Institute of Transpersonal Psychology of Barcelona), transpersonal coach and runs the organization Holos Travel specialized in ethnotherapeutic journeys.

Jure Biechonski

Founder and director of the School of Transpersonal Psychology and Hypnotherapy Teadlik Mina in Estonia. Founder and creator of THA (Transactional Hypno-Analysis). Former teacher and actor. Graduate in History, Education, French Literature and Psychology. Has lectured in more than 66 countries worldwide.

Kati Wortelkamp

Transpersonal Psychotherapy, Holotropic Breathwork Workshops. Type of intervention: Workshop. Theme: Transpersonal guidance. Presentation Title: Pre-Conference-Workshop Holotropic Breathwork™, 21st to 22nd September 2020. Abstract: Kati Wortelkamp and Lydmila Scortesca invite you to an exciting event of self-exploration and a deep inner journey that may change your life: Holotropic Breathwork™. This method was developed […]

Kelly Schwegel

Author, Holistic Healing Practitioner, Director of Development at the Andara Wellness Center, Director of the Social Wisdom Initiative. Type of intervention: Lecture. Presentation title: Simplifying the Process of Evolvement. Abstract: Humans… we make life so complicated! The process of evolving into a more enlightened, calm, centered, wise and fulfilled person […]

Lorelei Nassar

Dental Surgeon & Transpersonal Psychologyst. Type of intervention: Lecture. Presentation Title: Neurotechnology as a mean to move forward in Transpersonal. Abstract: Many of the Transpersonal Psychologysts nowadays are using in daily practice powerful tools originating from ancient tradition. Last year’s EUROTAS’ theme was about our world in transition, theme which […]

Lyudmila Skortsesku

Transpersonal psychologist and psychotherapist, integrative psychotechnologies, “holotropic” breathwork practitioner, process-oriented therapy, psychoacoustic technologies for the correction of brain activity, president of the Association of Transpersonal Development in Moldavia, board member of Eurotas. Type of intervention: Workshop. Presentation Title: Pre-Conference-Workshop Holotropic Breathwork™, 21st  to 22nd September 2020. Abstract: Kati Wortelkamp and […]

Magda Sole

Psychologist – psychotherapist. Founder and director of IPTB (Institute of Transpersonal Psychology of Barcelona – active in Spain and Mexico) and ACT (Catalan Transpersonal Association).

Pier Luigi Lattuada

Pier Luigi Lattuada of the Integral Transpersonal Institute, Milan, Italy is a medical doctor. He has a Ph.D. in behavioral studies and a Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology. He is also a psychotherapist.

Regina U.Hess

Clinical psychologist, integrative gestalt and transpersonal psychotherapist, and researcher.

Vladimir Maykov

Transpersonal psychologist and psychotherapist. Research associate at the Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Chair of School of Spiritually-oriented Psychology at the Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis.