Rainer Pervöltz


Type of intervention: Workshop

Title: The Neurotic Therapist

Abstract: We have come to see that we are all, in one way or another, disturbed and somewhat neurotic people. Any teaching – in school as in therapy – is and will be coloured by the neurosis of the teacher. One of the most widespread neurotic features of psychotherapists is that they think they are not.

There are two basic forces in every human being: one is curious and creative, the other one acts as a conservative who sabotages all change. When you sit in front of a client, you actually sit in front of two people: one wants to move, the other one doesn’t.
If therapists work predominantly from within their personality structure, there will be a subtle or hidden element of ambition in the relationship, which is the biggest enemy of all energetic transformation.

In this workshop, we will have a look at different disguises of ambition. You have a chance (if you want) to look more closely at your own favourite neurosis when you work as a therapist (or in any similar position).

And there is another way.

Resumed biography: Rainer Pervöltz works as a psychotherapist, supervisor and trainer. He was co-founder of the Chiron – Centre in London and is now co-leader of the International Institute for Consciousness Exploration in Freiburg, Germany.

Publications: – „Über die Köstlichkeit der Distanz“, Holotropos-Verlag, Offenburg, Juli 2009 and (in print) „Alles steht auf dem Kopf – Ein transpersonaler Lebensentwurf: Das Zentrale“.

Country: Germany

Language of the workshop: English