Stéphanie Larrue

Psychotherapist, Part-Time Professor

Type of intervention: Workshop

Title: Healing Trance States and Therapeutic Presence

Abstract: How does one recognize and break free from the entrapment of low-consciousness trance states, such as childhood patterns of dissociation? How do individuals in a frequent state of eco-anxiety learn to re-engage in everyday life through the practice of therapeutic trance? How do clinicians safely integrate intuition and sharpen attunement when joining in a healing trance state with clients? Presence is an everyday occurrence and the quality of awareness of it can make a difference in health, wellbeing and relationships: This is the basis of inner ecology. This experiential workshop will examine the various levels of quality of presence (Geller & Greenberg, 2012) as well as Hawkins’ levels of consciousness (2002; 2005; 2009; 2020) to be experienced in personal lives, as teachers and guides and as helping professionals and therapists. A review of brain wave frequencies in regards to delta-, theta-, alpha-, beta-, and gamma-level activity and their function will be presented in order to familiarize clinicians with these states and how they impact and can improve or impede the healing and integration processes. Examining levels of trance states and exploring how they play into healing will help reinforce quality of consciousness and the understanding of dual and non-dual states of being. How can these healing states be brought into the therapy room in an essential unity of Self and Other (Blackstone, 2011), through inviting clients to reap the benefits of them through conscious entrainment? Participants attending this workshop will learn therapeutic trance exercises to address client patterns of dissociation stemming from childhood, and eco-anxiety ever-present in today’s society, and how to safely engage in trance states to aid in the healing relationship.

Resumed biography: Stéphanie Larrue, RP, MFT, PhD. (Cand.) is a psychotherapist practicing notably with stepfamilies and in transpersonal psychology. She is a Part-Time Professor in psychotherapy at Saint-Paul University in Canada and has many years of training and professional practice in trance work (channelling and energy healing). She is currently conducting her PhD. research on therapy for stepfamilies and how spirituality plays a role in therapy for these families under the supervision of Dr. Laura Armstrong, C. Psych. Stéphanie Larrue has various publications and communications on stepfamilies, the therapeutic use of self, transcendence, spirituality in psychotherapy and transpersonal psychotherapy.

Country: Canada

Language of the workshop: English