Sven Doehner

Junguian Arquetypal Transpersonal Psychoanalyst

Type of intervention: Lecture

Title: Shamanic underpinnings of Transpersonal Psychology

Abstract: In this presentation I will be showing how the ancestral wisdom today called “shamanism” laid the groundwork for what we today call transpersonal psychology.
I will illustrate how fundamental principles of transpersonal psychology find their origins in practices of indigenous people from ancient Mexico, surprisingly similar to indigenous healing and spiritual practices found around the globe.
In a “post-pandemic world”, a fresh understanding of the basic laws of nature – both outer and inner nature -can serve as an eco-logical map to deepen our understanding of what each of us has been experiencing in the age of Covid.
Can it be that Covid itself is an ecological response to a world desperate for re-alignment and renewal.
My hope is to awaken a sharp sense of how an individual can relate to the world around him/her in creative, pro-active, constructive and ecological ways.

Resumed biography: Sven Doehner is a Jungian Archetypal Psychoanalyst from Mexico City, also trained in Somatic Movement, in Voice-work, and in Indigenous Healing and Spiritual practices. He has guided courses, workshops, retreats, and training programs since 1981, in Mexico, Europe, Australia, Russia, and North as well as South America.
His psychotherapeutic work combines Jungian Archetypal principles with Somatic and Vocal practices (his project with “The Listening Voice”), guiding those who work with him in how to relate to the images that structure their lives in ways that are deeply transformative. Sven opens spaces that touch and transform knots in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual spheres of an individual´s life, continually restoring movement in their Being.

Country: Mexico

Language of the intervention: English

Setting: online