Toomas Kordemets


Type of intervention 1: Workshop

Title: Story of your Creation

Abstract: Experiential journey to the moment of conception of you, in order to understand how your primary influence by mother and father. It remains deep in the subconscious and guides the rest of your life.

Resumed biography: Engineer from education and way of living, coach by profession. In my education and life experience I integrate the philosophies of the East, shamanism, and other traditional teachings, bioenergetics, the practice of the Journey, transpersonal psychology, body work, as well as deep respect and admiration for nature and for life.

Type of intervention 2: OSHO Chackra Breathing Meditation

Abstract: Wake up the life force of your body with OSHO Chackra Breathing Meditation. Along with raised awareness of your body it will give you freshness and clarity for the whole long conference day.

Country: Estonia

Language of the workshop: English or Estonian