Vladislav Matrenitsky

M.D., psychotherapist

Type of intervention: Lecture

Title: Cancer as a spiritual crisis: implication for transpersonal psycho-oncology

Abstract: A growing number of research suggests that the biopsychosocial-spiritual approach is valid in considering the origin of cancer, like any other chronic disease. A spiritual dimension in this model emphasizing importance of transcendence, the meaning and purpose of life, love, and transpersonal interrelations. When neglected, the disorders on the spiritual level, in the same way as disorders on psycho-social level (i.e. specific psychosomatic type of “C” personality, unresolved psychic traumas and inner conflicts) creates the chronic psychological stress that extends to the body and becomes physiological. This suppresses the activity of the immune and other systems of anti-cancer defense. When disorders of all the three level combines and persists for a long time, one can ends up in a state of hopelessness, helplessness, depression and develop an antivital experience, which the author considers as a psycho-spiritual crisis.

Should a patient become aware of the psychological issues related to his/her illness, requests a psychotherapeutic help, gets rid of psychic traumas and conflicts, begins to engage in self-knowledge, and/or get the deep spiritual transformation, then he/she has a high chance of achieving the post-traumatic growth that activate natural healing resources of his body. Perspectives of involving the ketamine-assisted psychedelic therapy in achieving this goal are considered.

Resumed biography: Vladislav Matrenitsky M.D., Ph.D. is psychotherapist and psycho-oncologist, researcher and speaker, author of the book “Carcinogenic Mind: The Psychosomatic Mechanisms of Cancer”, founder of the Expio Center for Psychotherapy, Psychosomatics and Psycho-oncology (Kiev). Graduated from Odessa State Medical University and received his Ph.D. in Physiology and Molecular biology. Studied psychotherapy at Kiev’s State Academy of Postgraduate Medical Education. For about 30 years studies different spiritual traditions (Shamanism, Sufism, Buddhism).

Langue of the intervention: English

Country: Ukraine