Yakir Elkayam

Independent scholar

Type of intervention: Workshop

Title: The Placenta as a Phantom Organ

Abstract: Early human structure is the whole conceptus.
Placenta as a buffer and communicator between mother and embryo, the nourisher, the protector and the body supporting itself.
The workshop will walk the past trail of the umbilical cord toward accessing the complete body image of the conceptus, reclaiming our lost organ – the placenta. Utilizing our embryonic consciousness, paving the road for a non-dualistic Body Image.
The Navel is the sole remnant of the connection to the first human structure. Observing our body, the thing which is seen in the mirror is the form and structure of the developed embryo. The closed umbilical ring was once the opening through which our entire nourishment and oxygen came from, a door towards different form of our body – the Placenta. Embryology draws symbolic relationships within conceptus and between conceptus and mother.
Filling the entire space, we squeezed ourselves outside and part of our own body since conception is cut away from us. Our outer layer has gone, spontaneous breathing begins, leaving us with no buffer from the Mother, who instantly becomes the direct nourisher of food. Life will continue without a part of us.

Resumed biography: Yakir Elkayam is an independent researcher exploring the relationship between the anatomical patterns of the body and the mental patterns of the psyche. Yakir gained his B.Ed in Dance-Theater and continued to specialize in the Feldenkrais method and Craniosacral Therapy. Parallel to his own bodywork clinic, he worked in hospitals with rehabilitation of oncological and stroke patients. Applying an integrative Feldenkrais method which draws on Buddhism, Body Awareness, and Anatomy, to advance the alignment of Body and Mind.

Country: Isreal

Language of the workshop: English